About the Journal Annex
Art & Culture Studies: Events, Interpretations, Discussions

Website Art & Culture Studies: Events, Interpretations, Discussions is the annex of electronic peer-reviewed journal Art & Culture Studies, published by The State Institute for Art Studies.

It is the space for discussions on art, aesthetics and culturology. This is the meeting place for professional art historians, culturologists, anthropologists of culture, students and postgraduates of humanitarian universities for those who are interested in art & culture and would like to express his/her argued opinion.

If you like contemporary art, have a taste for its interdisciplinary analysis, visit exhibitions and concerts, watch modern films and theater performances, read books about art, think about changes in culture brought with new technologies, we are ready to publish your reviews and essays. We are pleased to publish on our pages works of venerable professionals and beginners freely shared with their opinions about art & culture process.

We also publish fragments of public discussions, round tables, lectures, which seem to be interesting and important. All that is relevant and controversial. You can run in public your bold hypotheses and ideas on our website.

We plan to diversify the formats of publications and headings. Today, these are only texts with illustrations, but we are ready to publish audio and video essays, interviews, profiles and various multimedia formats.

Send your ideas and texts to the producer of the site Anna Novikova to a.a.novikova@gmail.com.

The materials are not reviewed, but discussed with experts and edited in consultation with the authors.