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Status of the Journal

The electronic periodical journal Art & Culture Studies is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific periodicals established by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (Order of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission, November 11, 2022).

The nomenclature for fields of science in which academic degrees are awarded:

  • 5.7.3.  Aesthetics;

  • 5.10.1. Theory and history of culture, art (Culture Studies)

  • 5.10.1. Theory and history of culture, art (Philosophy)

  • 5.10.1. Theory and history of culture, art (Art History)

  • 5.10.3. Musicology (Art History)

  • 5.10.3. Film, television and other screen arts (Art History)

  • 5.10.3. Fine arts, decorative and applied arts, and architecture (Art History)

Certificate: El No.FS77-46477

ISSN: 2226-0072

Prefix DOI (CrossRef): 10.51678/2226-0072

The journal is published on the resolution of the Academic Council of the State Institute for Art Studies since 2011 with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The journal is indexed in several databases

Publication Frequency

The Art & Culture Studies journal is published quarterly: in March (Issue 1), June (Issue 2), September (Issue 3), and December (Issue 4).

There is no charge. Honorariums are not paid.


  • to study artistic processes in art and culture, ways of interplay between art forms;

  • to develop scientific methods of art studies, aesthetics, cultural studies, and interdisciplinary approach;

  • to reflect the latest trends both in art and in the humanities in general;

  • to analyze key issues of interplay between art and the public sphere;

  • to promote Russian cultural studies, aesthetics, and art studies into the context of the worlds humanities;

  • to contribute to the professional development and promotion of young scientists.

Scientific Priorities  

  • The journal gives priority to analytical methods of studying art, to the novelty of research, to the originality of results, to the evidence-based authors concept, and to the literary presentation of the text.

  • Preference is given to scientific articles that discuss new subject matters or suggest new approaches to acknowledged problems field. The journal encourages authors to rely on previously unknown or understudied but reputable sources, to mark the place of their research in the existing scientific context, and to discuss ideas against the background of different scientific schools. The article should demonstrate the authors awareness of the current state of the humanities in the context of the topics under study, as a rule, by means of including at least 5 academic sources from other countries published during the course of the last 5 years, close to the issue of the concrete article indexed.

  • The title of the journal reflects a particular interest in the macro analysis of artistic processes, e.g. studying of the evolution of the art language, theoretical researches of artistic expression, the influence of art and culture to each other, the phenomena of synthesis, everyday aesthetics, and the interaction of the popular and the elite in art and culture. Additionally, the journal welcomes scientific publications devoted to the functioning of art institutions.

  • Special attention is given to articles on the art of the Soviet era, that responds to the necessity of an in-depth analysis of the phenomena of the Soviet period, many of which were remained understudied, suppressed, or were not fully analyzed because of censorship and restrictions in science.

  • Aspects of the communications theory and history, traditions and innovation, the role of cultural heritage for society, and the dynamics of interaction between popular and elite culture, between the artist and society are prioritized for the journal. However, it does not mean that the journal is not interested in detailing, studying the specifics of a particular work of art, its structure or interior meaning. The journal addresses with equal attention both generalizing articles and a narrow thematic focus, case studies.

  • The journal editorial board is interested in original articles only. Multiple and repeated publications in the journal Art & Culture Studies are not permitted. Authors should promptly inform the editorial board about any previous publications of the submitted text (e.g. synopsis of a thesis, conference abstracts, etc.).

Journal Rubrics:

  • Art Theory

  • Art of the Soviet Era

  • Fine Arts

  • Musical Culture

  • Cinema and Mass Media

  • Individual Art Worlds

Most of the rubrics correspond to the declared fields of science. However, articles on aesthetics and cultural studies can be published not only in the Art Theory rubric but also in another. The Art of the Soviet Era rubric includes articles devoted to general cultural processes but also to significant phenomena of particular art forms. This title emphasizes that interest areas of the journal include the heterogeneous Soviet art of 19171991: official art, unofficial art, underground art, popular art, authors art, elite art, etc. This rubric also suggests the possibility of publishing on the art history of other socialist countries.

Articles on the creative activity of particular artists, directors, actors, musicians, composers, etc. can be included in the Individual Art Worlds rubric, as well as in other rubrics focusing on specific art forms.

Publisher Information

Founder and Publisher: 

State Institute for Art Studies.

5 Kozitsky Lane, 125009, Moscow, Russia

tel.: + 7 495 694-03-71

fax: + 7 495 785-24-06

e-mail: institut@sias.ru